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Kieva Chris-Amusan Marketing Coach

Hi, I’m Kieva

Digital Marketing Expert Funnel Strategist Business Coach

My clients call me a MIDWIFE, and I absolutely agree!

I am THE MARKETING MIDWIFE you need to help birth the desired next level for your business.

I will guide you on how to leverage simple but highly effective marketing funnels to grow your business online.

Here’s My Back Story

Growing up, I always knew I was destined to impact lives in a big way, so I chose to train as a medical doctor because I thought that was the only way.

However, I realized 2 years into my medical training that this path would only hinder me from living life on my terms.

I wanted to be able to have a family, spend time with my kids, travel the world and afford the fine things of life without having to worry about money or a cramped schedule!

So in 2016, months after my graduation, armed with nothing but my smartphone, internet access, and a massive dose of blind courage, I took the leap to focus on growing a business of my own.

It was scary at first because sometimes I’d be making money, and then sometimes it would be a dry spell with no idea where my next client would come from!

Kieva Chris-Amusan

Perhaps this is you right now?
But I was determined to figure it out…

Kieva Chris-Amusan

And guess what?


It took me several months of training, trial-and-error mixed with sweat and tears.

To my greatest surprise, in less than 10 months, we were consistently making 5-figures in dollars— and that’s when I knew I had found something more than gold – the ability to set a goal, create an aligned marketing roadmap, hit that goal and replicate the results over and over.

In no time, friends and family started to reach out for me to offer my services for a fee.

Fast Forward To Today, I’ve Worked With Some Of The Biggest Brands In The World And I’ve Built A 6-Figure Global Empire While Working From My Home Office.

Speaker Kieva Chris-Amusan
Kieva Chris-Amusan

When I’m not behind my laptop geeking on funnels,
you will find me either:

Reading a good book

Kieva reading

Restaurant hopping

kieva chris-amusan restaurant

Doing volunteer work in church

kieva in church

Here’s my journey in a snapshot

kieva med school grad

Starry-eyed medical school graduate Eager to take on the world!

kieva chris-amusan founder zavandi

Life had other plans for me besides being a physician. Launched a new online business #Unstoppable

kieva and dolapo chris amusan

Married my soulmate and business partner

kieva chris-amusan award sme100 2017

Grew to 6-figure in less than a year! Won an award of recognition in the e-commerce sector. I had finally cracked the code to growing a digital business.

Business Coach Kieva Chris-Amusan

Started to monetise my love for growing digital businesses. Launched an online marketing agency. Worked with industry leaders to grow their coaching brands.

kieva chris-amusan vp growth at she leads africa

Became VP of Growth & Marketing at a multinational firm. Living my best life.

And I have only just begun!

This could be your story too…

A journey that depicts exponential growth every step of the way.

Let me give you a clear roadmap to grow your business online.

Very Brilliant & Result-oriented!

Kieva pours her heart into every project she embarks on. Very very result-oriented. She quickly detects what is wrong or needs to be modified and follows you through to ensure that it gets done.

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